img_2050“What did you talk about in class tonight?”
“Tell me about your worksheet.”
“Dat’s fire. And dat’s bread. It came from the sky!”
“What?! Who sent the bread from the sky?”

When you picked up your Tree House child this weekend, did you stare at his or her worksheet, wondering what in the world the different things glued to the paper meant? Take some time today to ask your preschooler.

Ask about the cloud (cotton ball) and fire (tissue paper) in the sky which led the Israelites and reminded them that God was with them, both day and night (Exodus 13:21-22).

Ask about the water (blue cellophane) that was too bitter to drink until the Lord performed a miracle and made it sweet so the Israelites would no longer be thirsty (Exodus 15:22-25).

Ask about the food that rained down from heaven (brown paper scraps) so the people would have enough bread to eat every single day. (Exodus 16).

Ask about the feather that represents the quail God sent to His people – another reminder that He is faithful to provide (Exodus 16).

As you encourage your child to share what was talked about in class, remind him/her that God wanted the Israelites to understand that He would provide for them and they could trust Him. God was faithful to always provide for the Israelites and He also provides all that we need. We can trust God.

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