Tree House Craft Pic Protector L6

This weekend’s Bible story comes from 2 Samuel.

After King Saul died, David became king of Israel, just as the prophet Samuel had said. When the Philistines heard that David had become king, they took their whole army and went to look for him. David heard about it and went to his usual place of safety. The Philistines came and spread out all across the valley.

David did not run in fear, but instead, turned to the Lord to see what HE would have David do. With God’s blessing and protection, David went out and won the battle against the Philistines. When they came again, David didn’t go to fight them on his own. He asked God what he should do and God went before him to strike down the enemy. David relied on and trusted God and God protected Him…AGAIN!

Ask your child about the shield he or she created in class this weekend. Go over the memory verse a few times and remind your child that even though David was obedient and had a heart for God, he still had trouble in his life, just like we do. But God was with David, protecting him, in the middle of this trouble. We should rely on God all the time – even when we are in trouble like David was because “The LORD is my protector; He is my strong fortress.” (2 Samuel 22:2)

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