This week in Tree House we completed our “God is Love” unit. Today your child(ren) learned about the Good Samaritan.

Read Luke 10: 25-37

We discussed that while the Levite and priest passed the abandoned man on the road, a Samaritan man stopped. This is significant because he broke cultural and social barriers of that time period to do so. He truly loved his neighbor.

We closed this unit by challenging our kids to love their neighbor also. You may have noticed the plastic bag of items they came home with. This is a “Good Samaritan Kit” they created in class so that they will be prepared to care for their neighbors when they are need. It comes complete with a band-aid, piece of candy, and a verse card.

Brainstorm with your child(ren) specific people they can show God’s love to using their “Good Samaritan Kit”. Encourage them that just like the man in the story, they too can be Good Samaritans. They can show love to others because God has shown love to them.

“We love because God first loved us.” John 4:19