Where do I check my child in? All of check-in will take place at our Grace Church Pelham campus Friday, June 22 at 1:00pm.

Where do I check my child out? All check-out will take place at our Grace Church Pelham campus Sunday, June 22 at 2:00pm.

What do I need at check-in? Please have your completed liability form, insurance card, picture ID, child’s gear, and any medications and/or necessary items.

What do I need at check-out? Please have a picture ID to check your child out.

Where will my child be staying? Look Up Lodge provides suitable accommodations for our leaders and campers with showers, bathrooms, and bunk beds in each cabin.

Who will keep my child safe? A minimum of two volunteers will be assigned to each group of campers from their home campus.

Is there a nurse on site? Yes, your child will be cared for by a licensed pediatric nurse that will address any concerns that arise. You will be notified should an emergency arise with your child.

In the event of a family emergency, who do I contact? Please contact your campus Children’s Director.

Where is the camp? 100 Look Up Lodge Rd., Travelers Rest, SC 29690

What will my child need to bring? A detailed packing list will come out at the beginning of June.

What will my child be learning about? The armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18)

What else will my child be doing during the weekend? In addition to small group activities, there will be fun games and free time activities (swimming, canoes, paddle boats, canteen, giant swing, zip line, water slide, etc.)

What can I do to best prepare my child for the weekend? Pray with them about what God would reveal to them and talk through your/their expectations of the weekend.

What if I need to pick my child up early from camp? Contact your campus Children’s Director to coordinate that with you and for you.

What if someone else is picking up/dropping off my child at check-in? Contact your campus Children’s Director to coordinate that with you and for you.

How will my child get to camp? Grace Church uses a chartered bus service that is coordinated and monitored by staff.

How will my child be assigned to a group? Assignments will be based on the campus service and class they attend.

What if something comes up and my child doesn’t make it to the weekend? Partial refunds may be provided in the event of special circumstances. Coordinate this with your campus Children’s Director.

Can I help to sponsor a child to go camp? Absolutely! There are numerous situations that arise where families can’t provide all of or a portion of the weekend fee. All donations are appreciated. Please contact Jessica Mears for inquiries on how to donate (jmears@gracechurchsc.org).

How can I best follow up with my child on what they learned and experienced during the weekend? You will be receiving a parent guide on follow-up at the end of June.

What should I expect my child to bring home? Dirty clothes, souvenirs, and plenty of great memories.

What if my child loses something during the weekend? A special lost and found will be set up at our Pelham campus for 14 days following the weekend. This lost and found is not accessible without coordinating with our Central Children’s staff. If you need an item please email jmears@gracechurchsc.org to help coordinate.

What if my child has questions after the weekend that I do not feel equipped to answer? Campus Children’s Directors are ready and available to assist your family in addressing these questions and would consider it a privilege to walk alongside this with you.