A Family Act

Beth Purcell wanted for her teenage daughter the same thing that a lot of moms of teenagers want: she wanted her daughter to be able to connect to the church in some way. So, they signed up to help in Kids Ministry. Wait, what?

Yep. Because Beth knew that serving, sacrificing, and loving others would bring a life and confidence to her family that nothing else could.

Beth, Cassidy and Tyler teach a 5 year old kindergarten class (the Blue Jays) in our preschool program. When you pass by their room on a Sunday morning, you will see Beth at the door greeting each child with a huge smile, Cassidy preparing the crafts and setting up the tables for the kids and Tyler tossing a ball with one of the boys.

We’ve heard (more than once!) from the parents of these kids, “My daughter just loves Mrs. Beth! She even wishes Mrs. Beth could be her teacher at school!”

They have a unique, spirit-led ability to connect with each kid that comes in their room and make them feel special and loved. Beth and her kids are like little magnets drawing the kids in and then connecting with each one. It’s no wonder then that Beth says, “Greeting each kid that comes into our classroom is definitely our favorite part of Sunday mornings. We see brilliant little smiles and speak to parents. Occasionally, we have the opportunity to dry tearful faces or comfort a nervous visitor. We love welcoming each little Blue Jay into God’s house!”

One look into their classroom on Sundays and it is obvious that this little trio knows what they are doing. They are so passionate and excited about the lessons they are teaching, and can engage these kids in such a dynamic way…it is truly fascinating to watch them bring the lesson to life each week.

For Beth and her kids, so much of what they do really comes down to loving and serving others. Beth tells us a story of a visiting family who were able to leave their little boy with special needs in their class one Sunday. She says, “One of the Kids’ Ministry volunteers shadowed him and helped him to integrate into our class. At the end of the hour, the tearful mom returned saying it was the first time she was able to sit through an entire church service.”

“She was so grateful; and we felt such satisfaction in being able to help.”

Thank you, Beth, Cassidy and Tyler…for serving, and sacrificing; for loving and playing; for connecting with us through Kids Ministry!