Camp Grace WeekendAs the days grow longer and warmer, we know that summer time is right around the corner which means Camp Grace Weekend is quickly approaching!

For many of our 3rd and 4th graders, this will be their first experience away from home for an overnight stay. We know that’s a big step for parents and campers alike, so we want to share some stories of parents who have been camp ‘first timers.’ They know what it’s like to send their child to camp without mom or dad and the anxiety that might accompany the unknown. They also have been on the other side, and have seen the growth that comes from allowing their child to go on a retreat.

Lindsey and Matt New tell about their daughter Avery’s first time at Camp Grace Weekend. Their story is a bit different than out other First Timer Tales, yet it’s clear they felt their daughter was in good hands and that Avery had such a great time, she couldn’t wait to go back!

“Avery could not wait to go to camp! She had her bag packed a month in advance and counted down the days. With her weekly teachers and her aunt going along with her, I felt great about her first camp experience.

She was having a blast.  Going swimming, playing games, paddle boating – the camp offers so many fun activities for the kids, and she was really enjoying the teaching.

I got a call on Saturday evening that Avery had a high fever. She was well taken care of, and it was really reassuring to me that I could get to camp in 45 minutes to pick her up. She was incredibly disappointed and did not want to leave because she was having so much fun!

She still talks about her time there as on of her favorite things that she did last summer. Avery was the first one to sign up to go again this year and is looking forward to a full weekend there this time!”

Visit for information about registering your current 3rd/4th grader for this year’s Camp Grace Weekend.