View More: people ask what makes Grace Church Kids unique, we always answer “our volunteers”.  Jim is one of those volunteers who makes Camp Grace Big Group a fun, exciting place for our elementary students to go and learn about God. We’ve asked him some questions so he could share about his passion and reasons he serves.

GCK: What made you decide to start serving:
JR: I have served in Children’s Ministry for 25+ years. When our family came to Grace five years ago, we started serving in the Children’s Ministry when we made a commitment to call Grace our church home.

GCK: What is your favorite part of Sunday morning?
JR: Seeing kids who are excited to come to church and have a sense of excitement for what is going to happen on Sunday morning. Seeing spiritual light bulbs come on as kids learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

GCK: What, in your opinion, is the most important part of your role as part of the Drama Team?
JR: Being prepared, creative, engaging as we create a relevant, kid friendly environment where we present timeless truth of the Bible.

GCK: How has serving in Grace Church Kids impacted you and your family?
JR: Serving in Grace Church Kids keep us grounded on what’s important in the Kingdom – lead people into experiencing and growing their relationship with God – in this case, children.

GCK: What is a unique fact about your family and your time at Grace?
JR: As a family, we have been involved in Grace Church Kids from the get-go. When we were visiting Grace, after a few weeks, we were talking about getting involved and becoming regular attenders and serving. Our daughter made a statement that was profound and enlightening – she stated that when we moved to Greenville, we were looking for a church that focused on creating disciples; our family felt we could use our talents and abilities in Children’s Ministry versus finding a church where she could learn and grow and be comfortable in their student ministry and Lorie and I could serve in the Children’s Ministry. The great thing is that we found this at Grace.

GCK: Why should someone consider serving in Grace Church Kids?
JR: Many people think of serving in children’s ministry as a chore or a grind – supervising kids for an hour while their parents go to church. At Grace, when you serve you get the opportunity to be a part of creating a place where God’s word comes alive in exciting ways that captures the attention of children. Volunteers get to join in building an environment where learning is fun and relevant for elementary aged children.