As we watch the news and see the elementary schools in the direct path of the tornado in Oklahoma, I am reminded of a post by Ed Sweeny late last year regarding parenting through tragedy.   A portion of it has been included below in an effort to help give thought and direction in dealing with tragedy all around us.

“But God is still God. He still holds the world together and keeps it spinning on its axis. He gives us life and breath for today and provides us with far more than we need or deserve. Perhaps the only answer to the questions we have about evil in the world is the truth that one day good will triumph over it.

This is the promise of Scripture. Until the day that our Lord returns to take us with Him into eternity, He promises to be with us and to never leave or forsake us. He promises that His grace is sufficient to save us, and that His power is made perfect in our frailty and weakness. He promised that we would have trouble in this world, that it would be unkind, scary, and unsafe. But He also promises that He has overcome the world, and bid us to take heart and trust Him with what is His.

Here are 3 thoughts on how to redeem the tragedy all around us:
1. Seize the parenting opportunity to talk about the Gospel. Death always breaks our hearts and stirs up questions and emotions that usually lie dormant deep in our hearts and souls. When this comes up, talk to your kids about the victory that Christ has already won over death, and encourage them to pray and to trust Christ with their deepest thoughts and questions.

2. Look for the helpers and heroes (Fred Rogers). When evil in the world becomes real, the opposite also happens. People begin to pray, and many step up to help and speak out against the darkness. There will be many stories of good in the world on the heels of this dark and tragic story of death. Look for those in the news and celebrate that with your kids.”

3. Pray for the children and families of Moore, Oklahoma.