Grace Church Kairos InternMy name is Susanna Spearman and I am a rising senior at North Greenville University. I am a Spanish Education with a minor in linguistics. I adore Spanish and am nearly fluent. I hope to teach ESL overseas upon graduation. I love working with kids, and also hope one day to be a wife and mom. I have three younger sisters (19, 17, and 14 years old) who are my best friends and precious gifts. They have been so important to me over the years and make my life so much brighter. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite sport is soccer.

This summer I will be serving at Grace’s Golden Strip campus as an administrator/Children’s Ministry assistant. I will be wearing many hats. Some of my roles include: event planning, blogging, administrative and organizational tasks for the Golden Strip staff, helping with Children’s Ministry big group time, and a handful of various other things.

I was born into a Christian home to loving, godly parents (Seth and Katie Spearman). I grew up in a church with very solid theology and a tight-knit community. Because of my gregarious personality and curious nature, I never minded going to church as a kid, but I never really thought I actually needed Jesus. I believed his sacrifice was for “all those other people” who weren’t as awesome as I was. Until I was about 10 or 11 years old, I never truly began to grasp the desperate nature of my situation. Thankfully, though, the Lord began revealing to me my deep sinfulness and need of a savior. Once I began to see how broken and dead I was in my sin, however, I became despondent. I wondered how God could love me, the filthiest of sinners. One of my teachers in the 7th grade had become an important mentor in my life, and she once told me, “Susanna, being a Christian is like marriage… you have to work at it.” I was fully aware that she did not mean I could earn it or make myself better, but that becoming a Christian did not mean you instantaneously become perfect and completely wonderful. As I have grown closer to Christ since he plucked me from my path of destruction, I find less and less about myself in which I can take pride, and I see more and more of who Yahweh’s holiness and how worthy he has eternally proven himself to be.

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