View More: Richard has been serving as a teacher of four-and five-year olds in Tree House for many months. We asked her to tell us about her experience as one of our preschool teachers.

GCK: What made you decide to start serving?
NR: I knew there was a need for teachers in Grace Church Kids; I enjoy teaching and love kids, so after praying I signed up to serve!

GCK: What has been the most important part of your role as a teacher with the 4k/5k children? ”
NR: I think teaching the Bible lesson is the most important part. I really believe the Word of God is alive and will produce fruit. So I focus on this by praying for the kids’ hearts and minds to be ready to receive His Word and also try to teach the Bible lesson with joy, love, and excitement.

GCK: What is your favorite part of Sunday morning?
NR: I love to see and hear all the kids worshiping together in big group.

GCK: How has serving in Grace Church Kids impacted you and your family?
NR: I love when some parents tell me that they can see how their children are growing by repeating Bible verses and the Bible stories they have been learning. That blesses me so much!

I also love to watch my son (who is in my class) get ready Sunday morning because he has to go ‘serve’ Jesus with Mommy, so he comes early too and helps put the chairs in order for the children who will come. Both our kids stay two services so that my husband and I can serve and receive. We are blessed that we can all serve each other and serve our Lord together.

GCK: What is a unique fact about your family and your time at Grace?
NR: We feel blessed to be a part of what God is doing through Grace. A unique fact is that we get to serve in the Español campus and witness what God is doing in the Latino community. I am from Costa Rica, so being with Latinos in Grace makes me feel at home!

GCK: In conclusion, Nathalie shared why she thinks others should consider serving in the Children’s Ministry, “There is joy in serving anywhere, but there is so much joy serving children! Watching them get to know and learn about Jesus, worshiping Him, and asking questions about the Bible is so amazing. I am thankful I can be a part of this.”