There will be no Camp Grace programming this weekend, June 22nd/23rd.  Elementary children (1st-4th grade) are encouraged to attend the service with their family.

We encourage you to see this as an opportunity to worship with your child and disciple them in the meaning and value of worship.  They will have an opportunity to see you engage in worship, bow in prayer, study the Scriptures and come under teaching.

If your child doesn’t attend the worship service with you regularly, spend some time prior to the service setting expectations and letting them know what to is to come.   Bring a journal or pad of paper for your child to take notes.  Encourage them to listen closely and draw a picture of what they are hearing if they are not proficient writers at this age.   After the service is complete, spend sometime talking with afterwards about the teaching, the worship and what they learned.

What are ways you have been able to train and engage your children around adult worship?  Share what has worked for you and your family.