It’s been a few days since our 3rd and 4th graders returned from Rock Band Camp, and if your home is anything like our office, they probably haven’t stopped talking about it!  We had a blast exploring Look Up Lodge, getting to make new friends, and learning what it means to truly be on God’s team.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to discuss with your child what they learned at camp – it’s not too late!  Listed below are a few questions that can help you as a parent be intentional with your child.

Scofield Foster, our Rock Band Camp teacher, reminded the campers that if what they learned at Look Up Lodge doesn’t affect their lives back home – it doesn’t matter. It’s all in vain.

Thanks for allowing us to spend a weekend with your kids. Please email us with your stories; we’d love to hear them!

Dig Deeper Questions:

-What do you remember about the theme: Rock Band: The Story of Peter?

-What was the mission of Peter and the Rock Band?

-How are you like a superhero?

-How did God speak to you this weekend?

-Did you make a decision at camp to live differently when you get home? Can you do that by yourself?

-How can I pray for you in applying what you learned at camp?