Sara is a volunteer in Camp Grace at our Pelham Campus. Take a moment to see why she finds serving in Grace Church Kids a valuable way to be an integral part of the church body.

CM: How long have you been serving in Children’s Ministry?View More:

I have been serving in Children’s Ministry since 2003 and with Grace Church Kids since 2010.

CM:Why did you decide to start serving?

I was first asked to serve at my former church and saw there was a need in Children’s Ministry. Before that I served in Choir back in 1995-2000. I believe that the church is made of the people. And, to serve God and the church one needs to serve in the Church.

CM: What is your favorite part of Sunday morning?

I enjoy greeting the children, seeing their faces, and hearing about their week. I especially enjoy the songs we sing in worship at Camp Grace and the skits that bring the Gospel message to life.

CM: What, in your opinion, is the most important part of your role in the Children’s Ministry?

I believe by being there regularly I am showing stability and constancy in these children’s lives. My most important role is to forge a relationship with these children where they can trust me and see God acting through me in my behavior. I am an instrument of Christ’s love for these children and that is a big responsibility that I take very seriously and to heart.

CM: How has serving in CM impacted you, your family and those you serve?  

I am growing in the Lord through my daily commitment to follow the Lord and to be a leader in CM. My children see my actions and I am a witness to them to serve the Lord.

I am connecting with the body of Christ through CM and that sustains me in my own personal trials as well and being connected to others allows me to know what is going on in other’s lives and how I can support for them.

CM: What is a unique fact about your family and your time at Grace?

My kids have thrived at Grace Church and enjoy coming to church and doing things with the youth so that is a unique fact.

CM: Why should someone consider serving in CM?

I find that the kids give so much back when you serve and it helps you grow in your faith and develop relationships with other teachers, parents and kids.  You feel that you become part of the church body and that is priceless.  Also, the staff at Grace helps you take baby steps in serving to make sure you feel equipped and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed in serving.

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