“The best part about serving with my mom in particular, is just getting to be with her.  We’re serving but it’s still something we’re doing together and can still be a lot of fun.  We talk and hang out all the time, but I always look forward to serving with her especially.” ~ Emily Wike

Fourteen-year-old, Emily Wike, really wanted to start serving somewhere at Grace Church.  She had friends who were serving in Kids Ministry and heard from them how much they enjoyed it, so she applied for a student volunteer position.  But, since it was the middle of the school year all of the student volunteer spots were already taken; and the only way Emily could serve would be to find an adult willing to lead a class with her.

Her mom, Amy Wike, says, “She couldn’t do it alone, so I cautiously agreed to help teach a 3-year-old class.  I was cautious because I already have one of those (a three year old, that is) and knew (all too well) the challenging task ahead.  But teaching 3 year olds every Sunday has been way easier and much more enjoyable than I ever expected!”

Emily, too, was a little surprised at how it all worked out.  She says, “Serving with my mom wasn’t what I was expecting when I applied for being a helper with Kids Ministry, but I am so glad it worked out this way!  We don’t always agree, but she is the leader and she’s really amazing at it!  God’s ways are awesome!”

It’s neat to see just how intertwined and connected all the aspects of church life, family life, student ministry and kids ministry can be.  As much as Emily loves serving and teaching, there is a social connectedness that is significant to her as well.  Emily says, “It’s great to be around other great leaders, as well as the other student helper in our class and some of my friends that also serve.”

Amy, too, recognizes all of the additional blessings they experience while serving in Kids Ministry each week.  She says, “I am able to see my little students and their parents consistently every week, even if it is short.  I get to see student teachers loving Jesus by enjoying teaching little ones.  And, I get to see how leaders choose to communicate the gospel to these little ones.”

It’s hard, if not impossible, to identify the best part of serving in Kids Ministry; but, as the mom of a teenage daughter, Amy is pretty thankful for the time she gets with Emily each week.

She says, “Emily is growing in her independence in all areas of life right now, which means I see less of her as she bounces of to various social events, school activities or simply just up to her room.  So, it’s great that I get to do life (outside of our home) with her on Sunday mornings.  It’s a nice, simple and consistent time with her each week.  Then when I think about the fact that we are teaching young hearts about Jesus together…well, that makes it best of all!”