Meet the Andersons

Charlie and Terri Anderson have been a part of Grace Church since the very beginning. They’ve seen the changes, the growth, the new buildings; they’ve watched their kids (and ours!) grow up here. They get Grace Church…the ideas of life-on-life, of equipping believers, of living a life of spiritual passion…and they love serving in Kids Ministry every week.

In fact, the Andersons have been teaching 1st graders in Camp Grace for the last ten years! Even though we’ve grown and changed over the years, they say some things have stayed the same.

“Kids Ministry at Grace Church has always been about discipling kids, not just keeping them until their parents come back.”

They love the lessons they get to teach in Camp Grace, but they want to take it even further. Terri says, “We want to teach our kids a love for God and His word; and help them to understand that the truth of scripture really does apply to daily life.”

Charlie adds, “We want them to know that there is this un-imaginable God who cares for them. That God has blessed them so deeply in everything that they hold dear and special: from super parents to their Nintendo DS. That God cares that they are worried about things under their bed and who should be their friends at school.”

And then there are those priceless moments you wouldn’t trade for anything. Terri says, “When you see the “light go on” for a child. When they make a genuine connection between their own thought processes about God and His word and something that directly applies to their lives…it is exhilarating!”

The Andersons also get that a big part of what they do is really partnering with parents to continue to build on the foundation that has already started in their homes.

“We have always tried to communicate with the parents the lessons being taught, things their children are sharing, or how we see them growing or seeking. Sometimes a child will share something in class that opens a door to express love and concern to the parents or family.”

See, the Andersons not only love the first graders, but they love their families, too. They love to meet and connect and encourage the whole family as part of the growing community of believers that is Grace Church.

Charlie continues, “I think parents appreciate how much we care for their kids’ hearts and so they grow to trust us with theirs.”

Indeed, they do. And we appreciate your faithful service and humble hearts over the years to pour into our kids and families through Camp Grace!