An Unlikely Family

Several years ago, Angie Wolff found herself in a rough patch of life. Her family was struggling, times were tough, and life was just hard. Support from the church was great. But, Angie says, “I needed to get my focus off of myself and give of myself to someone else.” So, she picked Kids Ministry as a place to serve. She started off with a shy, quiet, clingy group of toddlers. It was just a small group of kids, but by the end of the school year, they had all grown quite fond of each other.

“I needed to get my focus off of myself and give of myself to someone else.” 

Angie chose to stay with her class into the next school year, moving up with them from our Nursery program to our Preschool ministry. For some little ones, this can be a big transition. They worship together in the “Big Group” room, which includes singing, dancing, maybe watching a puppet show or skit of some sort. Sure enough, some of Angie’s kiddos struggled in the Big Group environment. “One little boy was so scared of the puppets at first, “ Angie says. “And one sweet girl would only use her little bear to do the motions to the songs.”

“Now,” Angie says, “My favorite part of Sunday morning is our Big Group time. Seeing how far they have all come and getting to be a part of it. It’s just so much fun to see them interact together. They are all friends!”

Angie’s desire to serve and her faithfulness have been an incredible blessing to these young families at Grace. They have been blessed beyond measure to see their children grow and thrive in a safe environment with the same loving teacher each week.

But, Angie would argue that she has received the bigger blessing.

“I wouldn’t change these years of serving for anything. I have made tons of friends. These kids and their families are all part of my family. I feel I’ve truly made friends for life. I love them all as if they were my own.”

Thank you, Angie…for your love and faithfulness and desire to serve! And for showing us all what “family” really looks like.