For Shawn and Lisa Gasser, choosing to serve in the Kids Ministry at Grace was really pretty simple.  Eight years ago, they were new parents and saw how others at Grace cared for and loved their little girl.  So, they started serving in Kids Ministry, too.

Lisa says, “We just felt like we needed to be doing what others had been doing for our daughter.”

At about the same time, the idea of a Special Needs ministry at Grace was beginning to take root.  Lisa had a niece with some special needs and began to see first-hand the struggles that these families faced.

She says, “It became so clear to me that there was a need for some sort of Special Needs ministry in our church.  And, not just for the child.  But, for the parents…so that they could worship knowing that their child was being well-taken care of and loved.”

“When the church community stands beside them and is fully involved in caring for their child, those parents can be completely engaged in worship.”

And, as is so often the case in our volunteers’ stories, the blessings flowed both ways.

Lisa says, “At first I just had an insight into what the parents were going through and a heart for their kids.  But as I started to shadow, it revealed so much in my own heart.  I would much rather blend into a crowd, but I quickly found attention being drawn to me when I was shadowing a child shouting out in frustration.  But then I realized that my love for them was stronger than my fears of attention or the discomfort of being noticed.  It was so much more important for that child to be a part of worship in that moment with all of the other children.”

For Lisa, serving in Kids Ministry and then later with the Special Needs Ministry, is an obvious choice.  She is choosing to be a blessing and choosing to use her God-given passion and abilities for the kingdom.  And we could not be more thankful for the love and compassion that she has brought to the families at Grace.