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“When Grace moved into the new building downtown, Megan and I switched from attending the Pelham campus, and jumped into a 3 week rotation teaching the 4 year olds. Prior to being downtown, we had only served as subs in the kids ministry a couple of times, but we had really enjoyed the kids and knew that we wanted to be serving in some role as a team/together. We also knew that we had a unique opportunity (not yet having kids, and Sunday mornings being pretty easy and low key) to serve and get to know the families who are a few steps ahead of us. So, teaching the youngin’s seemed like a great fit. And it sure has been! Getting to watch these 4’s and 5’s develop relationships with each other and grow in their understanding of Jesus, and getting to know their parents and brothers and sisters has been such a joy for Megan and me. It’s neat to look back over just a year and to see how what started as just a Sunday morning role has actually helped me and Megan to understand who Christ is more deeply, and how he blesses us through the way that his body/church works together. Every week may be totally different than the last, and our room probably looks like a circus some weeks, but it’s encouraging to me to see Christ working faithfully in these young hearts. Right when we think, “so-and-so isn’t listening to a word I’m saying,” he or she will come up the next week and recite the remember verse or share a story of how they applied last week’s lesson, or ask us to explain something that they don’t understand about a bible story. Yes, Lord, keep it up!
Anyone out there considering serving in kids ministry listen up: do it, it’s a no brainer. While you’re providing parents with an opportunity to quiet their hearts and worship the Lord, their kids will be hearing about Jesus and singing songs of praise, and you’ll get to be a hero.  Everybody wins!”