As a high school junior and former Camp Grace camper, Shelby Anderson brings a unique and energetic perspective to our Camp Grace program as a student leader. Shelby is one of our own…a true product of Grace Church Kids. When we asked her to tell us about some of her first memories of Camp Grace, she told us, “Grace didn’t have a children’s building back then, so all of the “cabins” were in the current student center. They were divided by removable office walls, so all of the classes were essentially open-air. Imagine a dozen classes of 10 or so loud, energetic kids… It was awesome!”

Now, Shelby teaches a group of 4th grade girls during the 11:15 service on Sunday mornings. She says, “Getting to mentor and help teach students things that were so influential in my faith growing up at Grace is so rewarding to me. I love getting to pour into them and really build a relationship with them that is truly founded in Christ.”

And we love watching Shelby model for this group of girls what it looks like to be a teenage girl following Christ. Shelby is fully involved during Big Group worship time…singing, dancing, praying, worshiping. Her love for Jesus is on display for all those 9 year old girls to see. It is truly beautiful.

There is a special sweetness, too, in seeing how God multiplies the service and sacrifice of our faithful Kids Ministry volunteers over the years. Ten years ago, a faithful volunteer started investing in Shelby’s life through Camp Grace. Now, Shelby gets to turn around and invest all of that right back in to the next generation.

Shelby tells us, “Being a Camp Grace graduate turned teacher, I will sometimes be teaching a lesson and remember when I first learned it. Knowing how much those lessons impacted my walk really motivates and encourages me to do just as good a job teaching as my teachers did.”

We think you are doing a great job, Shelby! Thank you for choosing to serve and sacrifice…and to be a blessing to the kids and families at Grace.