Doug and Sherri Mylander successfully survived the toddler years with their 3 children and decided they wanted to do it all over again…this time with other people’s children.

Doug says, “We started serving in Kids Ministry because we saw a need. And, we saw a way to minister to younger families.”

In fact, the Mylanders and their little class of toddlers paint the perfect picture of what Grace Church Kids Ministry strives to look like on our best day.

It’s that whole “Life-on-Life” thing played out in the lives of our volunteers, toddlers and their families.

It is truly amazing to see their spirit-led gift of encouragement provide so much comfort and peace to the young families at Grace Church. Sherri’s smiling, welcoming face on Sunday mornings is hard to resist.

The kids love her, of course, but the real beauty is in watching the young moms soak up every word of encouragement Sherri offers. More than one mom has told us, “I just wish I could put her in my pocket and take her home with me!”

Serving in Kids Ministry has given Doug and Sherri the opportunity to be used by God in amazing ways. They wanted to minister to younger families and the opportunities have been endless.

Doug says, “Sherri and I remember our kids crying and screaming as we dropped them off. And to be able to tell a parent, ‘I know what you are feeling…our kids did the same exact things. And then we are able to reassure them that it’s only for a season.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see life-on-life relationships built out of an hour and a half Sunday morning nursery classroom.

It is not at all uncommon for families to come back to see Doug and Sherri even after their children have “graduated” to the preschool hall. And, of course, the Mylanders love it too. They tell us, “It is so cool to see some of the kids that have been in our previous classes and how they’ve grown up. And then we get to follow-up with their parents and talk about how things are going.”

Soon enough those toddlers are going to be teenagers; and we’re willing to bet those parents will still be going back to Doug and Sherri for encouragement!