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Put the break back in Spring Break

Apr. 16th | Posted by 0 comments

Spring Break. Good Friday. Easter Weekend. Honey Baked Ham or make a Smithfield? Don’t forget the Easter baskets. That reminds me, where is the sunscreen?

To be called a “break”, there seems to be a lot that is vying for our attention and keeping us occupied.  If we are not intentional with our time and attention, this week can get away from us without taking time to share our faith with our children and we can easily end up just going through the motions of the holiday and be back into school routine on Monday.  We want to take a moment and encourage you to stop.  That’s right – stop.  Stop and take a deep breath and pray for intentional moments with your children.

As a church, we will have two celebrations this weekend that will provide you with an opportunity to stop and remember what sets Easter apart from all other holidays and Christianity apart from all other religions – our Risen Savior.  As your heart is stilled, as your confess sin and identify with Christ through communion on Good Friday and then celebrate new life and baptism of believers on the weekend, these are opportunities for you to share them with your children as well.


3rd & 4th Grade Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

Apr. 14th | Posted by 0 comments

Third & fourth grade camp is a favorite weekend for our campers, volunteers, and parents alike. Whether you are a returning camper or this will be your first year, we pray your child will have a memorable weekend of fun, making friends, and exploring the story of Peter during “ROCK BAND” camp.

Register HERE!

A MAP from Passover to the Cross – Day 1

Apr. 14th | Posted by

This past weekend in our cabins we celebrated the Passover Seder. Our focus was two-fold – a historical understanding of the first Passover meal, as well as an understanding of its significance, this side of the cross, in seeing Jesus Christ as our Passover Lamb.

As we lead up to Easter and the celebration of Christ’s victory over sin and death, this take-home will examine each part of the Passover meal – its Meaning, Application, and Prayer – for you and your family.

We invite and encourage you to set aside a few moments each day to work through this booklet to follow the MAP from Passover to the Cross.

Praying for you this season,
Grace Church Kids Staff

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