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Connecting Opportunity for Tree House (and All Other) Parents

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Tree House parents – As you prepare for the holiday weekend, we want to remind you of an opportunity to connect the 4th of July firework shows with what your preschoolers are learning in Tree House!

All year we have been learning about God’s character (His attributes).  We have learned that He is Creator, Relational, All-Knowing, Provider, Rescuer, Generous, Healer, Love, Holy, Life Changer, Protector, All-Powerful, and even more.  He has so many wonderful attributes we cannot fully comprehend.  We use the firework image as a simple visual reminder of the awe and wonder that God is all of these things at once. But you can go even further with the connection – God’s glory cannot be contained; it’s like fireworks that completely fill the sky and leave us in awe. As you watch the beautiful and exciting firework displays, take some time to talk to your preschoolers about God and how He is AWEsome!

Rock Band Camp Recap

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It’s been a few days since our 3rd and 4th graders returned from Rock Band Camp, and if your home is anything like our office, they probably haven’t stopped talking about it!  We had a blast exploring Look Up Lodge, getting to make new friends, and learning what it means to truly be on God’s team.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to discuss with your child what they learned at camp – it’s not too late!  Listed below are a few questions that can help you as a parent be intentional with your child.

Scofield Foster, our Rock Band Camp teacher, reminded the campers that if what they learned at Look Up Lodge doesn’t affect their lives back home – it doesn’t matter. It’s all in vain.

Thanks for allowing us to spend a weekend with your kids. Please email us with your stories; we’d love to hear them!

Dig Deeper Questions:

-What do you remember about the theme: Rock Band: The Story of Peter?

-What was the mission of Peter and the Rock Band?

-How are you like a superhero?

-How did God speak to you this weekend?

-Did you make a decision at camp to live differently when you get home? Can you do that by yourself?

-How can I pray for you in applying what you learned at camp?

Important Elementary Camp Information for Parents

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Dear Rock Band camp parents,

We are just two days away from an exciting weekend of adventure, laughter, fun, games, Bible study, and meaningful worship at Look Up Lodge and we ask that you take a look at the final punch list below to make sure you have everything you need to send your child off for this most memorable weekend!

1. Review the Parent Packet (emailed to you) for important details about the schedule, packing list, and emergency contact numbers.

2. Submit the Look Up Lodge health form and copy of your child’s insurance card (front and back) prior to departure. Click here to download and print the health form. Drop these by the Pelham office (attention: Grace Church Kids) on Thursday or bring with you to check-in on Friday.

3. Pay your remaining balance. The total cost is $120. Those who paid the initial deposit will owe a remaining $70 balance. Click here to make an online payment or bring your payment to check-in on Friday. If paying online, choose “this gift is for: OTHER” and “Memo: ELEMENTARY CAMP for (child’s name).

4. If your child has food allergies, and you have not already been contacted, e-mail Morgan Pitman ( and she will provide you with a menu. Look Up Lodge will store your supplemental food for any meals that may create a problem.

Friday Check-In Details By Campus

Pelham Children’s Building
- Drivers should arrive no later than 11:45am.
- Check-in is at 12pm.
- Parent meeting will start promptly at 12:30pm.
- Lunch (pizza) will be provided for the campers during the parent meeting.

Downtown Children’s Check-In Area
Drivers arrive and check-in is at 12pm.
- Drivers park in the visitors lot (in assigned spots).
- Parent meeting will start promptly at 12:30pm.
- Campers should have lunch before arrival.

Check-in at 12pm.
- Campers should have lunch before arrival.

Golden Strip
Drivers arrive and check-in is at 12pm.
- Parent meeting to follow check-in.
- Campers should have lunch before arrival.

Drivers arrive and check-in is at 12pm.
- Parent meeting to follow check-in.
- Campers should have lunch before arrival.
We look forward to spending time with your Camp Grace kids this weekend!


Volunteer Spotlight – Shelley Sems

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Grace Church Kids has some amazingly dedicated volunteers. And if you’ve been anywhere near the Tree House (preschool) side of the ministry you will most definitely recognize this smiling face. Meet Shelley Sems. Our friend Shelley is a great model. Not only because she is tall and beautiful, but because she also models true servant-hood even when seasons of life are hard. Here are her answers to a few questions we threw her way. Her words may encourage us all to dig a little deeper and serve a little more.

GCK: How long have you been serving in children’s ministry?
SS: 12 plus years.  I know I was serving when I was hugely pregnant with my first child in the nursery but I don’t remember how long I may have served before I was pregnant.  Lol!  How’s that for a great memory?

GCK: What made you decide to start serving?
SS: I love children. I knew there was a need. Before I was ever a believer, I felt a nudge to serve, to place others before myself. When I became a believer, this was a huge calling from God for me (Mark 10:45). Funny thing though, after I had my second child, I decided I needed a break and thought I “deserved” it since I had a second baby.  God said “NO.” It was abundantly clear to me that to not continue serving was direct disobedience to God. I came up with every good excuse why I didn’t need to be serving. I just had a baby. How would my two small children nap being at church so long? How could I get everybody up and out the door on time? How would I have the energy to care for all those kids when I was so tired myself? God said, “I got it.” The really awesome thing was that He did. God didn’t need my wisdom and logic. He needed my willingness and love. I obeyed. I served. God blessed it all. And He has continued to bless it through all these years.


Meet the Intern – Susanna at Golden Strip

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Grace Church Kairos InternMy name is Susanna Spearman and I am a rising senior at North Greenville University. I am a Spanish Education with a minor in linguistics. I adore Spanish and am nearly fluent. I hope to teach ESL overseas upon graduation. I love working with kids, and also hope one day to be a wife and mom. I have three younger sisters (19, 17, and 14 years old) who are my best friends and precious gifts. They have been so important to me over the years and make my life so much brighter. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite sport is soccer.

This summer I will be serving at Grace’s Golden Strip campus as an administrator/Children’s Ministry assistant. I will be wearing many hats. Some of my roles include: event planning, blogging, administrative and organizational tasks for the Golden Strip staff, helping with Children’s Ministry big group time, and a handful of various other things.

I was born into a Christian home to loving, godly parents (Seth and Katie Spearman). I grew up in a church with very solid theology and a tight-knit community. Because of my gregarious personality and curious nature, I never minded going to church as a kid, but I never really thought I actually needed Jesus. I believed his sacrifice was for “all those other people” who weren’t as awesome as I was. Until I was about 10 or 11 years old, I never truly began to grasp the desperate nature of my situation. Thankfully, though, the Lord began revealing to me my deep sinfulness and need of a savior. Once I began to see how broken and dead I was in my sin, however, I became despondent. I wondered how God could love me, the filthiest of sinners. One of my teachers in the 7th grade had become an important mentor in my life, and she once told me, “Susanna, being a Christian is like marriage… you have to work at it.” I was fully aware that she did not mean I could earn it or make myself better, but that becoming a Christian did not mean you instantaneously become perfect and completely wonderful. As I have grown closer to Christ since he plucked me from my path of destruction, I find less and less about myself in which I can take pride, and I see more and more of who Yahweh’s holiness and how worthy he has eternally proven himself to be.

Click here to learn more about a few more 2014 Kairos interns!

Pelham Open House – Join us Sunday, July 27

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