Grace Church Kids Tree House Craft Sample Pic Protector L5

As you talk to your child about what he or she learned in Tree House this weekend, ask him/her these questions…

What have you been learning about God these past few weeks?
(God is protector.)

Who did God protect against the big, mean giant name Goliath?

How else did God protect David?
(He protected David from lions and bears when he was a shepherd; He protected David from Saul when Saul was jealous and mad.)

This week, your child heard the story of David and Jonathan found in 1 Samuel 18-19. Talk with your child about how great Jonathan and David’s friendship was and how they valued each other’s lives as much as their own. Talk with them about how Jesus was willing to lay down His life for us, and how He wants us to be the kind of friends that values others so much we are willing to do anything to protect them and keep them safe.

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