When Jesus and the disciples finished the Passover Meal, they went to a garden to pray. Jesus knew the time had come to give His life for our sins and He went to the Father for strength and comfort. (Matthew 26:36-46)
This week in Tree House, we talked about prayer and the fact that Jesus, a man who lived a perfect life, who never sinned, often went to God in prayer. Just like we talk to our friends and family throughout the day, we can (and should!) talk to God. He is always there to listen.Remind your child of this truth throughout the week. We can talk to God anytime and anywhere – not just at meals and bedtime. Flip through your child’s prayer book from this weekend. Have him/her tell you about the pictures and about the different times and places when he/she talks to God (or can talk to Him). Spend some time praying together; thank God for sending Jesus to die for our sins, for teaching us the importance of prayer, and for always being there for us!

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