Over the last few years, our local body has grown both in numbers and campuses. With that has come some growth challenges, but we have also experienced a depth in programming we didn’t have the luxury to experience in the past. Our staff has had more time to devote to improving upon the original framework for weekend programming and to implement some of these ideas.  My family is benefitting from their efforts.

Originally, Quest was created to keep kids whose parents “work-one-worship-one” from having duplicate classes and enduring the same exact thing twice. Quest kids were given play time, craft time and had space to deepen relationships with each other. It has grown to so much more.  My kids now learn as much truth in Quest (4K/5K) and Up and Out (elementary) as they have in class. And this is not because the classes are getting slack…they’re improving, as well.

I’m so grateful for the thought that has gone into developing sound curriculum for these areas. The character building illustrations are really sticking with my kids, and I’m seeing heart change. They are developing deepening relationships with the leaders in these areas, and that’s because the leaders are really partnering with the ministry. The leaders seem to really enjoy their role, as it is so much more than just babysitting.

I’m especially thankful for leaders who are partnering with parents, and being honest with us about heart issues they see. This gives me as a parent an opportunity to discuss the Gospel truth with my kids in a way I may not have been able to without their insight.

-Sara Fowler, Camp Grace Coach and mom of three Grace Church Kids